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Job description

We're looking for a smart and creative generalist Python engineer to join our small team. You'll need to be comfortable with web application stack, and some server management skills would be a plus. You'll work on both customer-facing and internal services to keep our distributed infrastructure ticking over nicely as well as imagining and implementing new features.

During a typical day, you might make several commits to our GIT repo to implement a feature, fix a bug or make some tweaks to our projects. Depending on your skill set, you'll work on minor/medium updates to our projects or be architect of a new project.

We prefer professional or personal projects to speak for you, instead of a long run in school or extensive job experience. To see what you've accomplished is more important for us than being a 5 year developer.

You'll need to have

  • You use Linux as your primary desktop
  • 1+ years experience with Python
  • You have experience with the Django web application framework
  • SQL databases (PostgreSQL)
  • You are familiar with source control, especially Git
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work both remotely and locally in our office

It would be great if you had

  • Experience with Angular JS would be a great bonus!
  • Message queueing and task distribution (RabbitMQ, Celery)
  • Knowledge NoSQL databases (CouchDB, MongoDB)
  • Your processes up and running (Circus, Supervisord, Upstart)
  • Elasticsearch - you know for search


  • Interesting and exciting work
  • Possibility of working from home if needed
  • The best tools and technologies at your fingertips
  • Investment into your professional and career growth
  • Free and tasty coffee + game room with table soccer
  • Lot of fun at various social and sporting events

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